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Dream Cricket Project


DreamCricket is a program for children with a disability to build their confidence, self-esteem and mobility skills through participation in a fun and engaging program of modified cricket activities. The Rotary E-Club of Brindabella adopted DreamCricket as one of its major projects in 2013 and has run DreamCricket Gala days in Canberra in 2012 and 2014 in conjunction with Dream Cricket International, its partners and CricketACT. Over 120 students from 10 schools in the ACT and Queanbeyan attended the 2014 Gala Day at Kingston Oval where they enjoyed 10 different activities in rotation, culminating in an exciting “run-out” game to finish. During the previous week, clinics were held at the participating schools to familiarise the students, teachers and carers with the program. Great support was received from 6 Canberra Rotary Clubs who provided members to assist the children, a barbecue lunch and donated kits of equipment to attending schools so that the program could be continued at the school. Qualified and experienced coaches were provided by Cricket ACT led by the DreamCricket Co-ordinator Rick McCarthy OAM.

This year’s program will be held on April 9 at Kingston Oval and it is hoped that it will attract an even wider level of interest. Funding to run the day is being provided from the proceeds of the Antiques and Collectibles Fair at the Albert Hall on March 21/22. Our Club is providing all the assistance needed to run this event over this weekend and has responded marvellously.

DreamCricket is expanding rapidly into all States and demonstration events have been held in India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Under a new Strategic Plan developed last weekend, steps are being taken to have the program recognised as an official Australian Rotary Program. A major fundraising program is also being commenced.

Bruce Harvey



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