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Offline Meeting for 6 Sept

Meeting 2015.09.06 Agenda

Check out:

  1. At the Rotary Success Conference last weekend, the following video was highly recommended: (18 min) After watching, see if you can come up with your Why statement for Rotary - will discuss next week.
  2. Check out Rotary International's Strategic Plan. Its been updated. Go to and search for Strategic Plan.


 Offline meeting for 6 September 2015


  1. We are getting a making up section on the website but have yet to get attendance records other than I attended this meeting, so last year's spreadsheet is in the DropBox to continue updating. Feel free to put your history in.
  1. If you haven’t been on a RLI course, the 2nd and 3rd courses are now flagged on our website so please express an interest.


Enjoy you week and remember

September is 'Basic Education and Literacy' Month

so think about what you can do.


President Ross

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