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Interested in Overseas Service in Timor Leste


Dear RAM Representatives and friends of RAM,


RAM has been looking for opportunities to send more teams of Rotary Volunteers overseas to assist with RAM programs in our target countries. I am now calling for expressions of interest to join teams going to Timor Leste.


The first team could leave as early as the last week in October to be in country during the weekend of 29th Oct and 5th Nov. The team Leader for this trip will be PDG Ian Dyball and the main focus of the mission will be to assist the new Rotary Club of Dili Lafaek to implement the “Healthy Villages” program in Timor Leste. This will commence with two villages, one in the Dili district and one in the Liquica district. The program will include educational presentations to the Village people, walk-arounds of the villages to identify issues and plan corrective actions and construction of concrete block waste storage/disposal units. These programs will occur on the weekends because of the local Rotarian’s work commitments. Hopefully the team will also be able to observe and assist with NMCP bednet distributions at a different location during the week as well during the visit and there is also scope for providing assistance to local schools as we did in 2014.


Please let me know if you are interested or know of other Rotarians who might be, spread the word. Send me an email with your contact details stating whether you are interested in being part of the team in October / November  this year or interested in other volunteer teams that could depart next year. If it is not possible to send a team this year the next opportunity will be in April 2017.


For recent information on RAM, visit our website go to the ARTICLES pulldown menu and select Conference Report for a complete summary of the recent annual RAM Conference.


I look forward to hearing from you,


Kind Regards,  Dave.


David Pearson

National Manager: Rotarians Against Malaria.

Ph/Fax 02 67792616


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